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A Compendium of the Creatively Betrayed

Below are the 4 most recent journal entries.


  2005.07.24  20.20

Apologies if I've joined in completely the wrong way (asides from clicking the 'join this community' button!) but I was really intrigued by this community and the quality of writing (hopefully flattery will get me everywhere!) and I was really interested in posting some of my pathetic attempts at creative writing. Before I do, I thought it best to introduce myself! I'm Violet and a budding writer!


  2005.07.24  16.51
written for school

I wrote this piece of Crime Fiction for school

Victims of Denial

Read more...Collapse )
let me know what you think - be honset!

Mood: creative

  2004.11.07  21.47
MadBits #1

Sometimes the best way in which to jog our brains is by using the absurd or insane. Every now and again, I'll post a strange little exercise-of-sorts here for pure amusement and mental stimulus naturally called MadBits.

For the first one, I invite everyone to use the phrase "whore in a handbasket" in a sentence. It has no definition, therefore it can be one of your choosing. The sentence can be as long or short as you'd like it; for those adventurous, poetry and excessively-short stories may be composed. Songs, for the truly inspired, are acceptable.



  2004.11.07  16.20
Greetings, to the Creatively Betrayed.

[begin obligatory first post]

All right, so we may not have Muses stocked in the back or for sale, but there's something about the spirit of collaboration and collective support.

Basic rules to come, but for the most part, here's the gist:

This is a community for the general sharing of ideas as well as works. In fact, this is a specified platform for the display and presentation of all types of prose and art, be them original or otherwise. Yes, you can post inspirational works that aren't yours, as long as you express it as a source of inspiration. Brevity is appreciated. For example, poems are acceptable, short fiction isn't. If you feel so inclined to share with everyone this fantastic new book or play, a post with a simple hyperlink will do nicely. (And always see to it that all copyrights are properly acknowledged for posted bits: i.e., quotes, short poems, tidbits.)

The most convenient means of presenting prose is through posting as a separate entity, so I invite you to do so. Length doesn't matter as long as it's appropriately hidden behind an LJ-cut. (Teasers and loglines are fine as long as the major body of work is behind the cut.)

Same goes for artwork. If you feel that linking is more convenient, by all means, link. If you'd like to post to the journal directly, however, that's fine, too. If you'd like the usage of a thumbnail, I ask that you keep it within a reasonable 100x100. If you're an icon artist, you're also welcome to post your works as long as you don't spam the community.

Above all, have fun! Critique others' works through comments just as you normally would. Open up discussions, as long as they're relevant. Pimp your favourite creative works. Debate, argue (respectfully), encourage, inspire, and most of all, create.

Enjoy. Fully functional corresponding website to be available soon.

[/end obligatory first post]


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