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A Compendium of the Creatively Betrayed

You! Yeah, Muse! Hands on your head! Nice and easy, now ... don't try anything.

A Forum for Creative Writers and Artists
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Ever get that feeling that every last ounce of your creativity has been zapped? That your glory days were somehow in a period before your birth? We all do. The Muse is the most elusive thing to a creative soul, but that isn't for lack of trying. And we don't intend to give up, either.

If you parade around with this group, you're unwilling to let your dry spell become a wash-out. Here, you'll find writers and artists of all shapes, sizes, creed, method, and genre who're in the same boat that you are. What's that they say about misery loving company?

Got an idea? A thought? How about a critique on something you've read here? They're all welcome and appreciated. Good grammar isn't a must, but it's appreciated. After all, we're all looking to improve as well as share and collaborate. All we ask is that you be congenial and respectful to your fellow members, as well as helpful and attentive.

Sound like a good plan to you? Then what are you waiting for? Don't suffer through another Museless day!

Happy Hunting!